Bubble wrap

Softens impact and shaking, protects the surface from being damaged. 100% recyclable. Watertight. Good isolation properties.

Basic bubble wrap lines

ELIT – the most economical offer, designated for less demanding applications, while retaining excellent mechanical properties

STANDARD – economical, applicable for most commonplace applications

POWER – increased resistance against tearing and deflating, strength and flexibility, designated for more demanding usage

SUPER POWER – even higher parameters of all mechanical properties, designed for demanding applications

EXTRA POWER – designed for the most demanding applications with extreme protection requirements

Bubble wrap specifications
  • Double and triple layer
  • Roll width 20 – 200 cm
  • Bubble size 10, 16 and 30mm
  • Anti-static, anti-corrosive, biodegradable,  UV-stabilized
  • Laminated with paper, non-woven fabric, aluminum, PE foam, HDPE/LDPE
  • Bubble wrap with a self-adhesive layer
  • Different color options
  • Blanks, perforated blanks in a roll
  • Pouches, perforated pouches in a roll
  • Sacks and hoses
  • Printing options (recycling logo, your logo, edge-to-edge printing)
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